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How Do Singaporean Students Score in Chemistry: Is Tuition The Reason?

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Singapore has been recognised globally as a successful nation that has prospered since its days of independence, due in part to its robust education system. The emphasis in education has led to many of our students outperforming their counterparts from other countries over the years, especially in the field of Mathematics and Sciences, and Chemistry is no exception. Read More

Should You Take Chemistry In School?

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Chemistry is a subject that teaches us skills that no other subjects or even other science electives can provide in the classroom. It is a subject ranked one of the top in terms of application based science. Almost every question or problem will involve you having to use the knowledge you picked up during the course to solve problems during lessons either in school or in Chemistry tuition class. The good news is Chemistry does not require much regurgitation. 

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Importance of Chemistry In Everyday Life

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Does Chemistry seem like something which only eccentric people with haggard looks in white lab coats can do? Why do we take up Chemistry tuition in Singapore? Is Chemistry really that important in our daily lives? It is undeniable that our bodies are made of chemicals. We cannot do without Chemistry in Singapore or anywhere around the world in fact. Simple things like eating, drinking or breathing of the air around us results in chemical reactions taking place. Read More

Potential Benefits Of Having Chemistry Tuition

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You may realize that your child needs Chemistry tuition if you see that his or her grades are dropping and your child cannot seem to catch up with the syllabus. Or you may have heard of parents sending their kids to Chemistry tuition classes or hiring a Chemistry tutor for them, and their grades improved all the way to an A. You may think that perhaps tuition can have a similar result for your child. Read More