Holiday Bootcamp (Sec4 Chemistry)

The Chemistry Lab is organising a 3-days Holiday Bootcamp during the June holidays. The purpose of this bootcamp is to help students catch up with all Chemistry topics taught in Sec 3 and 4 and better prepare for their GCE O-level Chemistry examinations at the end of the year. We have formulated an effective studying method that allows students to understand topics more easily and teaches them how to do their own self-revision smartly.

Date & Location

  • On June TBA (Holidays), 9.30am-4.30pm
  • Location: Singapore Shopping Centre (near Dhoby Ghaut MRT
Bootcamp Programme

  • 3-Full Days of Highly Intensive Revision
  • Taught by our best teachers Dr Ng
  • Students can Expect a Significant Revision Headstart
  • Intervals with Fun & Exciting Chemistry Games
  • All Class Materials Provided
  • Snack & Refreshments Provided
Bootcamp Fees

  • $450.00 (Registrations before 20th May, 2022)
  • $500.00 (Registrations from 20th May,2022)

Conducted By Our Best Teachers

We have selected our most senior Principal Teacher, Dr Ng, to conduct and supervise the lessons for students in this bootcamp. With his comprehensive teaching experience, Dr Ng will also provide valuable perspectives that helps students understand the individual Chemistry topics better. He will teach students how to analyse and answer possible examination questions in a straightforward manner. Finally, he will share some practical approach towards developing an effective revision plan as students get ready for their O-level examination.

Intensive O-level Preparation

We have arranged our 3-day programme into several components: 1) seminars 2) class practice 3) Q&A.  We start off with seminar lectures to cover concepts of the different Chemistry topics so that students can take this opportunity to brush up on their fundamentals. This is followed by the class practice segments where students are given past year school and O-level papers to test their knowledge. The last segment of the programme is to work on the practice papers and clear up any misconception or doubts of students. This will help students to get up to speed or even an advantage over their peers in the subject. Supplementary class materials are also given out ahead on each day so that students have all the necessary revision items in front of them.

Fun Experiments & Refreshment

We have come up with interesting Chemistry experiments and games as part of our efforts to keep the programme fun and interactive for students. Get to know one another better during our lesson breaks and you may find unexpected study companions along the way! We also provide some light snacks and refreshments as part of our door gifts so that you need not worry about an empty stomach. At the end of the 3-day bootcamp, we hope that you will leave us feeling confident and ready to ace your GCE O-level Chemistry examination.

Join Our Bootcamp Now

Early registrants get $50 off (before 20th May).

To speak to us (1) click the Whatsapp icon or (2) fill in your details below. We will reply in 1 day. Feel free to ask us questions, we will be happy to help! Space is very limited due to safe-distancing. Talk to us today.

    2022 Bootcamp

    2022 Bootcamp Programme

    If you like what our Holiday Bootcamp has to offer, you are welcome to join us in our 2022 Intensive Chemistry Masterclass which will be a programme designed to fast track your way into the O level examination. In this Masterclass series, students will continue to work on and develop their aptitude towards Chemistry and tackle more challenging questions that require students to think out of the box but still relevant to their Sec 3 and 4 Chemistry topics. We will explore the individual topics in greater detail and this will help students to connect the dots across topics.  Lesson handouts will also be given and our teachers will be there for any private after-class session if students have any questions with the content taught in class.

    Chemistry Topics Covered

    • Atomic Structure
    • Chemical Bonding
    • Solids, Liquids and Gases
    • Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
    • Moles
    • Acids, Bases and Neutralisation
    • Balancing Chemical Equations
    • Experimental Techniques
    • Qualitative Analysis

    Bootcamp Objectives

    • Providing a Rapid Overview of All Major Chemistry Topics
    • Easy Ways to Remember Key Formulae
    • Techniques for Handling Easy-to-Difficult Practice Problems
    • Mastering Intensive Exam-Style Questions
    • Get Students To Plan Their Revision Schedule
    • Motivation, Support & Encouragement for Students

    Early Registration Fees (Before 20th May)

    $ 450.00

    Per Month

    Registration Fees (from 20th May onwards)

    $ 500.00

    Per Month

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