Our Story – The People Behind The Chemistry Lab

Dear Students & Parents,

Since our inception 17 years ago, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing you an effective & engaging Chemistry learning experience. For the past decade, our sole focus has been to empower students to perform exceedingly well in the subject of Chemistry. In fact, we have been downright obsessed with it.

We started out as 2 Chemistry teachers who came together to exchange notes and discuss teaching ideas. We wanted to help our tuition students perform better. As our collaboration increased, a trend emerged as our students started to perform well in school, and more & more students were recommended to us. Our initial success allowed us to hire more MOE teachers to fine-tune our syllabus, and review our teaching methodology. We experimented with new problem-solving techniques to better prepare students for their exams. As our student numbers increased, we realised we had a unique oppportunity to help students learn Chemistry in a fun, intuitive, and effective way.  And so we created ― The Chemistry Lab.

Fast-forward to today, we now have numerous branches all over Singapore, teaching thousands of aspiring Chemistry students. We are one of the few tuition centres in Singapore that focuses only on teaching Chemistry. And learning how to teach Chemistry more effectively & more engagingly is still our core mission.

To our wonderful students, understanding parents and dedicated teachers – THANK YOU.

Your trust and support in our team has created this amazing new opportunity that is now ahead of us, to educate and encourage Singapore’s youngest and brightest. As we continue our work, you can expect the same excellent learning experience that we have come to be known for. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

The Chemistry Lab Team

Chemistry in Singapore is not about knowing everything. It's about thinking like a chemist.

Andreas SchleicherHead of OECD's Education Assessment Programme

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