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Is It Necessary to Register Chemistry Enrichment Lessons For My Child?

By April 17, 2021October 14th, 2021Chemistry Tuition Classes, Uncategorized

There are differences between enrichment classes and the normal tuition classes to be compared in this article. Enrichment classes are meant for students who already have a decent foundation in the Chemistry topics being taught in school and want to have an in depth understanding or to broaden their study of the subject.

What are Chemistry enrichment classes?

Chemistry enrichment classes are there to supplement Chemistry lessons in school, not by going through what has been taught or to prepare for exams, but are designed to help students explore Chemistry from a different perspective using out-of-the-box thinking and innovativeness. It is supposed to help students acquire a greater interest and love for the subject and to work on their motivation to pursue this subject at a higher level.

How about Chemistry tuition classes?

Chemistry tuition classes, on the other hand, are set up to build on Chemistry school syllabus and to help students get ready for their exams. Students who are facing trouble in grasping the different concepts in the different topics of Chemistry, will find Chemistry tuition useful to improve their fundamentals. Furthermore, there will be a lot of  assignments that may be similar to their school homework, which will give students ample practice on questions that test a student’s ability and aptitude of the various Chemistry topics covered in class. Sometimes, Chemistry tutors may provide questions that are more difficult than the standard exam questions if students have already mastered the basics Chemistry concepts and are ready to move on to the next stage. As students get better and more confident in the subject, Chemistry tutors will then start to incorporate past year exam papers from various schools so that they can be exposed and familiarise themselves with the different question types and patterns in preparation for their Chemistry exams.

How are parents able to determine whether Chemistry enrichment classes are suitable for their child?

First and foremost, parents have to gauge their child’s interest in the subject. If your child proactively requests to be sent for enrichment classes, there may be two reasons. One possible reason is because he or she is already acing the exams and feels bored about the Chemistry lessons taught in school. That means he or she probably feels that the current difficulty poses a lack of challenge and they want to learn more beyond the current syllabus. Another reason is because the child really has a genuine interest in Chemistry. This can be seen by the enthusiasm and passion when he or she speaks about Chemistry. In this case, sending your child to Chemistry enrichment classes will be ideal for your child’s learning development of the subject.

Secondly, parents will have to forgo sending their child to enrichment classes if they are performing poorly in class. For this scenario, sending them to normal Chemistry tuition classes will be a better arrangement as the focus is to work on the current syllabus and establish a good foundation in Chemistry for the child. Furthermore, the priority should be to pull up their student’s grades and Chemistry tuition is perfect to help students to improve their exam results since a lot of emphasis is on practice questions that closely resemble exam questions.

Last but not least, parents will have to decide if their child is not already stretched thin from their packed schedule. If your child is already struggling with their normal school work and not able to complete their homework in time, then having more classes, regardless tuition or enrichment classes, may have the opposite effect of making your child becoming disinterested or even hate learning in general. A balance between giving your child some free time of his or her own to enjoy oneself and a decent number of tuition or enrichment classes is needed so that your child can maintain a healthy mental state of mind growing up. Being able to spend some time socialising with their friends also help students to lower their stress levels by letting loose once in a while.

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