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Should You Take Chemistry In School?

Chemistry is a subject that teaches us skills that no other subjects or even other science electives can provide in the classroom. It is a subject ranked one of the top in terms of application based science. Almost every question or problem will involve you having to use the knowledge you picked up during the course to solve problems during lessons either in school or in Chemistry tuition class. The good news is Chemistry does not require much regurgitation. 

However, Chemistry can also be quite fun as it can be viewed as a big problem solving exercise. Think of it as a treasure hunting game where you have to piece the different puzzles to find the X spot buried with treasures. 

Why recommend Chemistry as a field of study?

Chemistry is definitely a subject recommended in Singapore only if students are prepared to do some work. Compared to other subjects, Chemistry may just require a tiny bit more effort put in during the lessons or revision. However, the benefits that students will reap from doing Chemistry are far greater than any other subjects they may be doing. Chemistry is considered to be one of those hard subjects. Therefore, one may consider signing up for Chemistry tuition classes to help students to understand the subject in clearer details or to improve the foundation in the subject.  

If you do take up Chemistry in school, nearly everyone in Singapore who sees your CV or portfolio will think that this person is pretty clever, considering the difficulty of the subject. It is a hard subject but definitely worth the time. Scoring well in Chemistry may require some additional help in the form of Chemistry tuition classes, especially in Singapore.

Students who have gone through Chemistry lessons in Secondary school and Junior College will recount how dreadful it is to go through a double Chemistry period.

Teachers do play a big part in trying to make the lessons interesting and engaging which we definitely have to give credit to. However, there is so much a teacher can do as certain topics do come across as being dry and boring, especially considering how intricate and complex Chemistry can be if the topics are seen as independent and disconnected with each other. 

How does Chemistry tuition play a part towards cultivating interest in Chemistry?

Chemistry tuition does help to alleviate some of the struggles that students may face as it complements nicely with lessons in schools since it serves to fill in the gaps for weaker students and expands on certain concepts for stronger students.

Overall, students who take up Chemistry will find the experience fun but may also encounter stressful situations with the subject at the same time.

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