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What Should I Do One Month Before My Chemistry Exam?

By March 26, 2021October 14th, 2021A Level Chemistry, Chemistry Exam, O Level Chemistry

That crucial one month before a major exam like Chemistry can decide success or failure. Here is how to make the most use of it.

(1) Get enough rest and exercise prior to your Chemistry exam

Students are usually tempted to start cramming and frequently study into the wee hours of the morning. This can be counterproductive as a tired mind cannot absorb information found in the different Chemistry topics quickly. It is important to get sufficient rest and exercise even when you are stressed out over the coming exam. You will need to be in a clear state of mind and body when you take the paper, not suffering from burnout or exhaustion.

(2) Minimize distractions while studying Chemistry

Avoid social gatherings or places that often serve as a source of distraction in normal times. If you love to play computer games, consider getting that PC or laptop out of your room. Place a “do not disturb” sign on your door when doing your Chemistry revision. Be more stringent concerning the time you spend with friends at school.

(3) Devise a Chemistry revision plan

Do not just plunge into your Chemistry revision and then find that you are bogged down by the seeming amount of work you have to do. Devise a plan that realistically takes into account how much time you have. Start with the Chemistry topics you find more difficult first. You might find it extremely helpful to start practicing Chemistry past year papers first as this will give you an overview of all the Chemistry topics you need to cover and allow you to quickly identify weak areas. Ask your tutor to help you spot gaps in your knowledge and understanding. If time is noticeably short, you might have to decide to pay less attention to certain Chemistry topics. Do not view this as a loss or a sacrifice. See this as a strategic move to maximize your chances in other Chemistry topics.

(4) Time yourself in Chemistry practice papers

Give yourself Chemistry practice papers and do them under time limits with as a close to zero interruptions as possible. This will give you an idea whether your time management is up to par.

(5) Give yourself frequent short breaks during your Chemistry revision

Take a 5 to 10-minute break every hour or so. This will help you refresh your mind. If you feel frustrated and find yourself getting nowhere, take a short time out and see if it helps.

(6) Do not be afraid to seek help from your Chemistry school teacher or tutor

If you find there is a lot of Chemistry material you do not know or find difficult, do not feel discouraged. Many students are feeling the same thing. Overcome your fear by first listing down exactly what is it you do not understand, and then seeking help from your Chemistry teachers or tutors. Sometimes the mere act of writing down precisely what is it that bogs you down is a liberating exercise. You might even find that there is always a certain concept that you simply do not get, or you may be able to identify a persistent weak area, such as inability to handle complicated chemical formulas or redox reactions. When you speak to Chemistry tutors and teachers, begin by showing them your list and explaining to them what is it that has you confounded.

(7) Think positively

No matter what your friends say, most people are facing the same stress that you are. Do not let doubt creep into your mind as doubt itself is a major distraction. First recognize that everyone else is going through the same thing and you are not alone. Then think about the successes you have achieved in the past and realize that it is within your ability to repeat them again.

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