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The Choice Chemistry Tuition Centre

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Welcome to The Chemistry Lab ― The Learning Hub for  Secondary and JC Chemistry

At The Chemistry Lab, we seek to add value to the learning of our students and are committed to this endeavour. That is why we actively (1) are on the lookout for the best Chemistry teachers (2) craft learning materials that are easy to understand and apply in examination questions and (3) refine our curriculum in accordance with top schools. We believe that this three pronged approach will cover all the bases for our students to develop their aptitude for Chemistry and ace their examinations.

To that extent, we have directed all our efforts on teaching Chemistry because that is our forte and what we do best. Our centre revolves around dedication and commitment to allow students develop a keen interest and proficient in Chemistry. Together with our unique examination methodologies taught in class, our students find themselves in a good position to score in their papers every year.

  • 7.4 / 10 of our Chemistry O-level students obtained a distinction (2020) 
  • 5 .1/ 10 of our Chemistry A-level students got an ‘A’ (2020)
  • We hire only full-time Chemistry teachers, many are 1st Class Honours (ask for our certs) 
  • Our Syllabus aligns exactly with the MOE syllabus 
  • Classrooms are fitted with HDTVs & Tablets for visualizations
  • We have a full library of practice papers from top schools 

We have numerous branches across Singapore to have a greater outreach to students located at any parts of the island. This allows us to be of assistance to students who may find themselves either struggling or want to excel in Chemistry by offering a fun and enjoyable way of learning the subject.

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    Group Classes

    Group Classes

    We hold Chemistry classes at our centres for both upper Secondary and JC school students. There are two options that you may choose from, Standard Classes or Practice Classes at all levels. We also offer Chemistry Intensive Programmes for students to strengthen their foundation during school breaks.

    Centre Classes

    Private Tuition Classes

    If group tuition classes are not your cup of tea, we also conduct 1-1 tuition lessons at the convenience of your home. Our chemistry tutors are equally well qualified to customise the classes based on the student’s demands and pace of learning for the best results.

    Home Tuition

    Online Classes

    Students can simply log on to their electronic devices to access our online classes. Our tutors will make all the necessary preparations and students just need to follow our step-by-step guide to enjoy the lessons online with Soft copies of materials distributed through email or Dropbox.

    Online Classes

    1-to-1 Class

    Our Branch Locations

    • Kovan Central Branch: 203 Hougang St 21, #01-83, Singapore 530203
    • Bt. Timah Branch: 4 Queen’s Road #02-121, Singapore 260004
    • Ang Mo Kio Branch: 163 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Singapore 560163
    • Potong Pasir Branch: 12 Tai Thong Crescent, Singapore 347846
    • Jurong Kechil Branch: 50 Jalan Jurong Kechil, Singapore 598582
    • Note: Some of our branches currently only offer Online Learning.

    For more information, click the Whatsapp Icon to speak with us. Or call 6475-0624.

    Online Classes

    Our Credentials

    Our teachers at The Chemistry Lab hold ourselves to high standards for the education of our students. Most of us either graduate with first class Honours or went for postgraduate studies in acclaimed universities that are recognised worldwide. We acknowledge that being knowledgeable in the subject itself and being able to impart the knowledge competently go hand in hand.

    That is why every tutor under us is hand-picked via a stringent selection process to test their aptitude as well as being able to simplify explanations on the subject.

    Our Story

    2020 O-Level & A-level Results

    51% of A-level students obtained a distinction
    74.5% of O-level students scored an A1 or A2
    *Figures only apply to students studying with us the entire academic year

    8/10 of all students improved their grades from the previous year
    (Statistic does not include students already obtaining distinctions)

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    MOE-Registered Teachers

    The Ministry of Education has registered the majority of our chemistry teachers at The Chemistry Lab. This entails verification checks by MOE to ensure an individual has a clean legal record. In addition, university transcripts and official documents have to be reviewed before being endorsed by the ministry. This certification is in line with our core values of integrity and responsibility of our teachers.

    This is usually a pleasant surprise to many parents who were not aware of such accreditation and they have given positive responses that our tutors are not only competent in teaching but also are able to conduct themselves properly and appropriately. This allows parents to put their children into the tutor’s care and protection without any worries.

    Small Class Sizes

    We keep our teacher-to-students ratio to an effective level for class tuitions. Research has revealed that students learn better with smaller class sizes as students are more willing to engage with teachers.  Accommodation to every student’s needs can also be better achieved. This is why we limit our class sizes to benefit students.

    Comprehensive Materials

    Besides teaching, one key element to ensure our students’ success is the content of our learning materials. We understand that students are reliant on handout and notes for revision before the examination.

    That is why we have come up with simplified materials that are straight forward and easy to comprehend at a glance. Our tutors have painstakingly scrutinised and compiled these sets of notes from various sources such as past year papers and school handouts with  attached questions and answers so that these notes become a one-stop solution to their Chemistry examinations.

    Conducive Classrooms

    All rooms are set to 23 deg C for productive learning
    Classrooms are fitted with HDTVs and projector screens for visualisations
    Our desks are corporate-styled conference tables with pine-wood trimmings

    A Comprehensive Curriculum ― With Step-By-Step Exam Guide

    Our students are our top priority. That is why we strive to create a complete curriculum that stretches their potential while keeping in mind that students also have their own lives to lead. This allows us to build good rapport and mutual understanding with our students which keeps them motivated and engaged during the lessons. This enables students to attain their peak performance in the examination without burning out.

    We recognise that studying Chemistry can be frustrating at times due to various abstract theories. That is why we have formulated a simple step-by-step examination handbook to help students streamline and have a better grasp of the theories before applying them in practice questions. We know that with this guide in hand, our students will enter the examination hall with boosted confidence and do well in their Chemistry examination.

    Corporate Responsibility

    We have worked with an NGO & MOE to offer subsidised chemistry tuition for students requiring financial assistance. The lessons are held at MOE schools on weekends. We wish to contribute back to Singapore with every little effort that we can.

    Acing the chemistry exam by studying smart

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    Curiosity is key to studying any science, chemistry most of all. It is the first step to ace chemistry. Luckily, it is easy to be curious about chemistry. Especially if you find the right guidance, at school and/ or at your tuition institute. Chemistry is a foundational subject for many disciplines related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Regardless, chemistry is important to appreciate and understand many realities of modernity. If you understand the basics of chemistry, you will be able to appreciate novel agricultural technologies, modern medicine, efficient building materials, electricity generation, and much more.

    In other words, the science of chemistry is vibrant in your daily life. It is present in the food you eat, the perfume you wear, the vehicles you drive, and whatnot. So, the first step in acing chemistry shouldn’t be that hard.

    Why is chemistry different?

    The chemistry syllabus can be broadly divided into four sections. This applies both to school and university-level chemistry. General chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry fit in within the umbrella of chemistry. However, unlike divisions in other heavy sciences, these divisions of chemistry are quite different from one another. Some subjects need an appreciation of physics, some need memorization skills, and some need proficiency in math. As you may have heard, chemistry is sometimes called applied physics.

    Hence why tuitions in Singapore often employ different techniques or tutors to teach different sections of Chemistry.

    Singaporean students are among the best-performing student groups in the world. Naturally, as a result, the education system in Singapore is highly competitive. A well-adjusted student balancing time between curricular, co-curricular activities, and extra-curricular activities are challenged hard when preparing for national exams. The wide scope of chemistry makes it even harder. Students can go on cramming and find no end to the depth of the syllabus. That’s exactly why working smart is more important in chemistry than working hard. Finding the right tuition center, tutors, and study techniques is important to ace chemistry.

    Effective learning-teaching techniques for chemistry

    Good tuition institutes are well aware of the fast-paced lives of modern students. Thus these tuition institutes employ efficient techniques to make sure that the student saves enough time to pursue other interests while excelling in academics. The well-trained tutors identify the learning style of each student and fine-tune their teaching methods accordingly. The tutor also uses different teaching methods or tools for each division.

    General chemistry and sections of physical chemistry are closely related to physics. A good tutor will help students understand and retain better by pointing out such relations. Inorganic chemistry can be retained much better by using spaced repetition techniques. A good tuition institute can help students in this by educating students about flashcard marking, and other techniques. Practical demonstrations of inorganic chemistry practicals create exciting and colorful memories for students. Organic chemistry involves studying the three-dimensional structure of molecules, their properties, and how they interact with each other. Organic chemistry lessons are often best explained using analogies from the larger world. Most of all, chemistry is all around us. The tutor only has to point it out and the curious student would start observing these correlations between what’s taught and what’s seen. A good tuition institute will employ tutors who are well aware of all these nuances of chemistry teaching.

    The right tuition, the right peer group

    Finding peers who compliment your level of curiosity and dedication is not easy. Not even in Singapore! But finding the right peers is more important in Singapore. Chemistry is a subject with a wide scope of content and a range of needed skills. Not all students will appreciate every topic in the syllabus. Not all students will have the skills needed for each topic. That’s where the peer group comes in. One student can be skilled in inorganic chemistry, another in physical chemistry, and so on. Therefore, students can work as a group by discussing with, and/ or tutoring each other. At the end of the day, each student will benefit. The right tuition institute will encourage this by providing the environment and resources needed to form productive peer groups.

    The keys to acing chemistry are developing some curiosity, finding the right tuition that employs tutors who use the best teaching methods, revising using effective study techniques, and finding the right peer group.

    How To Excel At Memorisation Of Chemistry Content

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    Being good at memorisation can only only help you out in the soft subjects such as History, but also in hard subjects, such as Chemistry. Although Chemistry does not have as many formulas unlike Physics or Maths, it does contain a lot of chemical names and equations that students have to become familiar with in order to do well in exams. In addition, certain problem solving techniques are also essential for some types of questions. There is no doubt that a student who excels at this will have an easier time applying his knowledge appropriately.

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    How Important Is The Periodic Table For Chemistry?

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    Prior to taking Chemistry as a core science elective in upper secondary level, students may not be familiar with the term “Periodic Table” even if they have heard about it before. However, for Chemistry students at any level, seeing the periodic table is as common as bread and butter for them. School or tuition teachers alike will always reference back to this table as well.

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    Achieving That Prized A1 for Chemistry

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    To achieve A1 or A is the end goal for students who are taking Chemistry for their O or A levels respectively. There has been a misconception going around that getting A1s or As are reserved only for the most intelligent students, or you have to put in an enormous amount of time and effort to ever reach that milestone if you do not have the flair for Chemistry. However, it is what is is, just a misconception.

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    Why Doing Well In Chemistry Is Important

    Students can choose to take Pure or Combined Chemistry from upper secondary level onwards as one of the core subjects in Singapore. It serves as a requirement for various degrees available in University, including the fields of Pharmacy and Medicine.

    Beyond further studies, understanding Chemistry can also allow students to appreciate our surroundings, from the clothes we wear, the food we eat to environmental issues. In recent times, there has been global campaigning of sustainable living and advocates of this movement are getting younger. Being well-versed in Chemistry not only allows the future generation to be aware of sticky issues pertaining to the environment but also spearhead initiatives in their own little way to make the world a better place to live in.

    Our tutors at The Chemistry Lab are able to provide a good foundation of the subject beyond what is taught in textbooks. This is achieved using interactive diagrams, interesting trivia and real world applications of Chemistry. We also get students to relate the importance of Chemistry to global issues and become savvy when they step out into society.

    Class Chats

    We aim to provide easy access to our tutors for our students by providing an online platform where students are free to post questions that are open to all students to participate and contribute meaningfully. Our teachers will be there to facilitate the discussions and we assure students that they will be kept anonymous throughout the conversations!

    SuperTeen Programme

    We aim to provide easy access to our tutors for our students by providing an online platform where students are free to post questions that are open to all students to participate and contribute meaningfully. Our teachers will be there to facilitate the discussions and we assure students that they will be kept anonymous throughout the conversations!

    Online Feedback

    Feel free to approach your chemistry tutors with school assignments! You can now take an image of your work and forward it to us via Whatsapp or email. We will reply to your queries within 24 hours while you get on with the rest of your day.

    Helping Needy Students

    Written in our school constitution is mission is to help every student, notwithstanding their financial resources. That’s why we have a programme dedicated to students who face financial hardship, to help and nurture them as best we can.

    Take-Home Practices

    There is no substitute for practice. So every week, we give an ample amount of practice problems for the student to take home. Our practice problems are specifically selected to repeat and reinforce what the student learns in class that week.

    Getting to University

    Seeing our students enter university is always a bittersweet moment. We are happy to have been a part of their journey in life, and we wish them all the best. Fortunately, many students do keep in touch with us, as well as with the friends they made here.

    The recipe for success

    We are certain that our carefully crafted curriculum will provide a headstart to students who have attended our classes regardless of their pace of learning. Our teachers have undergone training to spot children with certain learning difficulties and will provide the appropriate care and guidance for these students so that they can do well in exams. 

    Confidence is key

    Confidence is an important building block for children to excel in studies and in life. Our emphasis on a smaller class size of 5-10 students allows students to obtain personalised guidance from our teachers as compared to an average class size of 40 students in school. 

    Step-by-Step Improvement

    At the Chemistry Lab, we are here to support your child to progress in Chemistry in terms of the knowledge and the know-hows to tackle and solve problems in class.

    Get Ready for Exams

    We believe that our materials and expertise in teaching Chemistry are one of the best in the market in getting students prepared and ready for their examinations.

    Schedule a Chemistry Tuition Session. Call Us at 6475-0624, or Contact Us