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Optimising Home Based Learning For Students Taking Chemistry Lessons

By July 31, 2021October 13th, 2021Online Chemistry Classes

It was reported that students in secondary schools and junior colleges will have a mandatory session of home based learning once every 2 weeks from December 2020. This marks the start of home based learning becoming an essential component of the Singapore school schedule.

With this new change, how then can Singapore students make home based learning an enjoyable and fruitful session to study Chemistry?

There have been complaints by students about the difficulties that they face while home based learning classes are being conducted by school or tuition teachers. Some of these challenges include siblings playing or making noise in the background or that there are too many temptations at home already. Some students have also pointed out how they miss the social engagement with their classmates during online classes at school as well. This definitely hampers efforts by Chemistry tuition or school teachers in trying to keep students engaged during these online lessons.

Unfortunately, we cannot deny that home based learning is here to stay whether we like it or not. Therefore, we should just look towards home based learning from a more positive perspective.

Benefits of home based learning to study Chemistry

Firstly, home based learning is a good platform to instill self-discipline and proactiveness of our Singapore students. This is the opportune time to educate them to become self-sufficient in their learning even if they are outside of the physical classroom setting. With so many temptations present at home, students will have to inculcate some level of discipline to still continue to focus on their home based learning and submit any homework assignments on time too. They can also make use of the time at home to conduct self-studying sessions by picking up reading materials on their own or via educational sites or platforms. This is applicable regardless of online school lessons or Chemistry tuition classes.

Should we wish to help our next generation of Singaporeans breed a good habit of lifelong learning even into their adulthood, we may look no further as home based learning is an excellent avenue to start off our young Singaporeans on the right foot. Once our Singapore students have finished their tertiary education and head out into the working world, it will be important for them to still continually upgrade and improve their skillsets while they are occupied with their work. As adults, a lot of these learning are done at the premises of their homes or offices, unlike a conducive environment like schools. This means students who start out early for online Chemistry tuition classes or other subjects for that matter will let them familiarize themselves with such a learning environment once they start their careers.

What is MOE doing about home based learning for Chemistry students?

At the very least, the Ministry of Education should make sure that all of the students are provided with access to facilities or equipment such as laptops or other mobile electronic devices to aid them with home based learning. Students who encounter problems while trying to access home base learning should also not feel shy and voice out any concerns with respect to this matter so that assistance can be provided.

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