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Key Criteria When Deciding on Your Chemistry Tuition Class

By June 26, 2021October 13th, 2021Chemistry Tuition Classes

When deciding on which tuition centre or tutors to sign up for, you may wonder what are some of the key criteria to look out for. Although it is not a make or break decision that seals your child’s fate in exams, but choosing an unsuitable Chemistry tuition class for your child may set him or her back in terms of the time spent to accelerate your child’s understanding of the subject.

Here is the list of some of the key criteria that you may consider when selecting the right tuition class for your child:

Price of Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

The first criteria that comes to mind is the rates that tuition centres or private tutors charge. While you are in the midst of searching for a good Chemistry tutor or tuition centre for your child, you may want to take note that private tuition will command a higher rate in comparison with group classes. More popular centres or tutors tend to command a higher rate as their time is more valuable due to limited timeslots and a higher demand of their services. However, it is not the sole criteria that will help you make your choice as a higher tuition fee does not necessarily translate to a better standard of education for your child. It is not to say that the teaching is subpar or not worth the price, but a simple situation of lack of rapport between the tutor and student will make learning a struggle for the student. The student may find their grades not improving as much as learning becomes a chore due to the unconducive environment as the social dynamics is odd. Try to find out about other criteria and finally base your decision on them collectively.

Location of Chemistry Tuition Centre

It is recommended that for primary school children, private 1 to 1 tutoring or small group tuition classes are preferred due to their age, where safety is paramount. For secondary school students, they tend to be more independent and location becomes a secondary criteria to them as long as they enjoy the lessons even if they have to travel slightly further. Private tutoring also provides the perk not needing to head down to the centre and can cut down on travelling time. However, there are also other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Reputation of Chemistry Tuition Centre in Singapore

A reputable tutor is usually well-known for the competency and effectiveness of his or her teaching. That means that there is less bargaining power in terms of the charges that the Chemistry tutor is asking and sometimes, the location may be even to the convenience of the tutor. You will have to weigh the trade offs carefully and determine if you want to hire the tutor(s) on their terms or to look for another tutor or centre within your budget. As there is limited timeslots for popular tutors or centres, you may have to check the availability beforehand as well.

External Influence

The last criteria will be based on your child’s individual aspects in terms of the interest level, pace of learning, peer influence, schedule and etc. Direct communication with your child will be ideal to find out how willing is your child to take on new Chemistry tuition classes amidst the current schedule as he or she may feel overwhelmed by the intense and non-stop learning and studying on top of other school commitments like CCA. Always check for signs of possible burnout from your child along the way. Besides that, interest level and pace of learning plays a part in terms of the kind of tutoring services that you will ultimately choose. Sometimes, peer pressure may also be a considerable factor as they may want to attend the same Chemistry tuition lessons as their classmates at school.

In conclusion, the key criterias are there as a guideline and should not be evaluated independently to make the final decision. Although pricing is a heavy criteria for consideration, but there are always alternative tutors or centres who are also able to provide equally professional standards of teaching and conduct of students. At the end of the day, just do your due diligence and have faith in your choice of tutor.

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