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Dr Ng

Achieving That Prized A1 for Chemistry

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To achieve A1 or A is the end goal for students who are taking Chemistry for their O or A levels respectively. There has been a misconception going around that getting A1s or As are reserved only for the most intelligent students, or you have to put in an enormous amount of time and effort to ever reach that milestone if you do not have the flair for Chemistry. However, it is what is is, just a misconception.

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Are Textbooks Enough?

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These days, our Ministry of Education has been rigorously vetting through the different sources of textbooks for school use and this has helped to raise the bar significantly. As authors start to becoming creative in using nice graphics and straightforward language to depict Chemistry concepts, school textbooks have definitely surpassed those used decades ago. In fact, it is now common to see students using it for self-revision and making summary notes on their own.

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Are Online Zoom Classes The New Norm?

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An interesting phenomenon has surfaced in 2020 as the world came to a halt during the peak of the Covid pandemic. Even as shops and public amenities are forced to close, the education sector is still thriving despite the odds. Schools in Singapore managed to minimise disruptions to the education of students through online learning. So has private tutors and tuition centres.  

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What is “Singapore Chemistry”?

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Although Chemistry is a subject that students only get to choose as a pure science elective at upper secondary level, but it has already been incorporated into a student’s education as part of the general science syllabus at primary and lower secondary level.  And that is not without good reason, the abstract concepts are difficult to relate to real life instances. However, Chemistry is critical as one of the core foundation subjects in the education of our children. Read More