Intensive Revision Program

Crystal Clear Delivery

Be enlightened by our tutors as they expertly link up all the intricate concepts in a way that simply make sense. Often, we go beyond the syllabus to give you a complete understanding of things.

Top Quality Materials

Our study materials are known to be top-notch. It is comprehensive, clear, concise and well-structured. Students rely heavily on our materials to give them an extra edge to ace their examination.

Theory To Application

We prepare you for application to high-order questions. You will receive step-by-step guidance on how to approach questions and navigate your thought process. Learn the most effective and fastest way to approach and solve questions!

Course Schedule



Make up sessions may be arranged for missed lessons. Please arrange with us in advance


Bridging Program to JC 2

A must-go program that will transform the way students learn and understand Organic Chemistry. The entire syllabus is repackaged and taught in a way that requires minimal memory work. Focusing on very deep understanding of organic concepts, students will be exposed to brand new concepts not covered in school. Be amazed by your transformation. Rest assure, it will be absolutely mind-blowing and worth your time!


Latest News (Bridging Program to JC 1 2019)

Students will be introduced to JC1 concepts eg atomic structure, mole calculations, back titrations and chemical bonding. This head start will ensure a smoother transition to JC1 in 2019.

Dates: 26 Jan (Sat) & 02 Feb (Sat)

Time: 12.15 – 2.15pm 

Fees: $250 for 2 days. 


Money Back Guarantee

We have the privilege of working successfully with thousands of ex-students and are confident you will benefit from it. We take immense pride in our work and in an unlikely event that you felt the program was worthless and unproductive, we will offer you a 100% refund of your fees. (Terms and conditions apply)


Financial Aid

Students with genuine financial concerns may apply for financial aid. Please feel free to let us know. We will be happy to help 🙂


Holiday program is conducted only at Bugis outlet. Regular weekly classes will be available at both Bugis and Beauty World outlets from Jan 2019.

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"Attending the revision program really blew my mind. I was initially hesitant as I was unsure if the program will help. Having completed the program, I'm so glad I made the choice to sign up. Initially, I thought I knew my stuff well, but Mr William's lessons provided much more in-depth theories and I feel that my knowledge and understanding has increased tremendously within this short time frame. This program is a must if you are looking for something to give you an extra edge. I am going to sign up for his regular class to secure my 'A' grade."
Aaron Teng, VJC

"The program is well-structured and comprehensive, starting from basics and gradually advancing to the complicated concepts. Despite being a "U" grade student with near zero foundation, I found the lessons very clear and easy to understand. The notes were very well presented, concise and laden with a lot of diagrams and pictures. The tutorial questions were well selected to give me sufficient exposure to questions of varying difficulties. I am glad to have found Making Sense and I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel."
Dominic Tan, RJC

"I didn't know Organic Chemistry can be simplified by just "Nucleophile attacks Electrophile". I was given the impression that organic chemistry is all about memorisingreactions. Mr William completely changed my mindset about Organic Chemistry – he helped us build meaning into every single reaction and now everything seems to make sense. I do not just memorise reactions, but I truly understand how it works. My friends were amazed when I explained to them how the different reactions work."
Wong Chen Ming, NYJC

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