About Us

Leading Specialist In Chemistry Tuition


Making Sense is a renowned Chemistry tuition centre specialising in O level Chemistry tuition and A level Chemistry tuition. Most students who struggle with Chemistry are unaware what is the most effective way to excel in this subject. They may have put in the hard work, but the grades simply do not justify their effort. We aim to fill in this gap by helping them make sense of Chemistry. In fact, many who came to us initially dislike Chemistry. Under our coaching, we managed to arouse their interest in this subject. Many ended up with Chemistry as their favorite subject.

Efficient Teaching Methodologies

Our Chemistry tutors are trained to deliver with precision and clarity. Be mind-blown by our crystal-clear explanations. In class, we reveal various tips and “short-cuts” to solve challenging questions. In addition, we usually go beyond the boundaries of the syllabus to enhance understanding of concepts. Often, what is not taught in schools will be tested in exams – its our job to expose these advanced theories to our students to give them an extra edge.

Dedicated team of experts

The best tutors will make the difference. Apart from our excellent delivery, our dedicated team of tutors is always willing to go the extra-mile for our students. Feel free to send us questions via WhatsApp or arrange for free 1-to-1 consultation sessions. We will be there for you!

Personal consultancy

We are aware you may need individual attention at times. Thus, we are glad to provide complimentary one-to-one consultations. Clear all your doubts conveniently with no extra charges. Maximize your learning with us – you get the benefits of both group tuition and 1-to-1 coaching.


How we became the most sough-after Chemistry Tuition in Singapore


Our fees are one of the highest in the industry, yet our classes almost certainly sell out every year. Parents and students come to us not looking for the most affordable tuition, rather they come to us with the knowledge that we are simply the best Chemistry tuition in the industry, and they have heard or witnessed countless success stories shared by their friends or relatives.

With a proven successful track record, our humble achievements can be attributed to 3 key elements – 1) Excellent tutors 2) Excellent materials and 3) Excellent support for our students. We are sure we do the above mentioned better than any other tuition. We focus on value for our students.