Frequently Asked Questions

Question  1 :  How much is the tuition fee?

Question  2 :  How are lessons conducted?

Question  3 :  Can I do a make up if i miss my class?

Question  4 :  Is there any after-class consultation?

Question  5 :  How big is the class?

Question  6 :  Is there any way I can catch up on the previously taught chapters?

Question  7 :  I will like to refer a friend in, is there any referral scheme?

Question  8 :  Why is there a flexi plan in your payment scheme?

Question  9 :  What are the payment modes?

Question  10 :  Can I withdraw midway through my package and ask for a refund for the unused lessons?

Question  11 :  Will fees be forfeited for missed lessons?

Question  12 :  Is private tuition more effective as compared to group tuition?

Question  13 :  How exactly are the lessons conducted at Making Sense?

Question  14 :  What if I miss my class due to some reason, can I make up for it?

Question  15 :  Is there any availability of after class consultation?

Question  16 :  What is the size of the class?

Question  17 :  Will I be able to catch up on the lessons that have been taught previously?

Question  18 :  Can I withdraw halfway through the package and ask for a refund for unused lessons?

Question  19 :  What separates Making Sense from its competitors?